June 2009 Meeting

The briefing book, distributed to all participants, included these documents.

1. The Meeting
Vision and Conditions to Achieve Itpdf icon
Agenda for the June 2009 meetingpdf icon

2. The Participants
Participant list
Critical Advisor Bio-sketchespdf icon

3. Encouraged Readings
Entering the Century of the Environment:
A New Social Contract for Science pdf icon
Jane Lubchenco

Sustainability and STEM in a 21st century educationpdf icon
Judith A. Ramaley

Sustainability: What’s the Big Idea?pdf icon
A Strategy for Transforming the Higher Education Curriculum
Daniel J. Sherman

4. Documents from meeting
Synthesis of recommendations from Critical Advisors Word icon

Two-page project synopsispdf icon

Mobilizing STEM Education for a Sustainable Future